• Roman Bridge of Chaves

    Chaves, Portugal, Europa - Limousines, Lda., R. Ponte, Chaves, Portugal .

    The 140m-long Ponte Trajano (Trajan Bridge) in Chaves, in the Trás-os-Montes region of north eastern Portugal dates from the reign of the Emperor Trajan (53-117) in the early second century AD.

    The bridge over the River Tâmega is now pedestrianized and is one of the finest Roman bridges in Portugal, though it has undergone many restorations and repairs over the ages.

    The bridge now has 12 arches (it previously had an estimated 18) and was once part of the Roman road from Braga to Astorga in Spain, when Chaves was known as Aquae Flaviae. There are milestones on the bridge with distances to the Roman settlements at Braga and Leon (Legio).

  • Castle of Chaves

    Praça de Camões 14, 5400-517 Chaves, Portugal .

    Castle of Chaves is a medieval castle situated in the civil parish of Santa Maria Maior, in the municipality of Chaves, district of Vila Real. It is classified as a National Monument.

  • Nadir Afonso Museum

    Address: .

    The Nadir Afonso Museum of Contemporary Art (MACNA) is a contemporary art museum located in the city of Chaves, Portugal. It was inaugurated in July 2016, and is housed in a building designed by the architect Álvaro Siza Vieira

    The municipal museum administered by the Municipal Council of Chaves, permanently exhibits works by the painter Nadir Afonso and presents other contemporary works of art under temporary exhibitions.

    Among other spaces, whose access may be restricted, the building consists of a foyer, a library, an auditorium for about a hundred people, a bar and four exhibition halls.