Council of Ministers Resolution (RCM) no. 74-A/2021 was published with the deconfinement measures applicable to the national territory, with effect from June 11 and not, as always announced, from June 14. 

This new phase of deconfinement includes the following measures  

- Restaurants, cafes and pastry shops:  
Capacity: inside, maximum of 6 people per group and on terraces, maximum of 10 people per group; 
Hours of operation: closing at 01:00, excluding new admissions after 00:00. 
For catering and similar establishments integrated in accommodation establishments, the timetables defined in the paragraph above apply, being possible, outside those periods, the delivery in the guest rooms (room service) or consumption outside the establishment through home delivery, directly or through an intermediary, as well as for the provision of meals or packaged products at the door of the establishment or at the wicket (take-away). 
- Alcohol sales: after 9pm, only integrated in the meal service, in the lounge or on the terrace of the establishments; 
- Weddings and baptisms with 50% of the capacity;  
- Retail food business with the respective licensing hours; 
- Teleworking is no longer mandatory and is now recommended when activities allow it.